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The team at Horserail Australia have recently gone through some big changes, along with a new name. Duncan Equine Group has evolved as their product line has grown to include Horse Safe Gates, Plastic posts, steel and rubber and now EZYENDS that all compliment the most popular, trustworthy and longest lasting Plastic Rail available in Australia, Horserail.

Traditional farm fencing options just do not bode well with horses as we all know and many of us have tragic stories with wire, timber, pvc and mesh to tell. Duncan Equine Group owner, director as well as long time horse owner Ben Duncan has also experienced his own share of wire fencing injuries prior to investigating and sourcing Horserail from America to use on his own father’s farm some 25 years ago now.

Not content with the traditional farm gates or short lived pine posts he has designed the Horse Safe Gates and put years of research, trial and error into sourcing quality no chew, bend resistant plastic posts.

Ben also designed and trialed on his own farm EZYENDS. These are a galvanized steel bracket that fit inside the end of oval rail (know as cattle rail) and screw onto posts. These eliminate the need for welding steel box/end assemblies when constructing fences. Saving money and time for you.

At Duncan Equine Group, safety is the number one priority for every one’s horses. Make sure you contact the friendly staff at Duncan Equine Group when considering fencing options for your horses.