We love our horses we really do, but they can be so annoying!

After decades of frustration using existing, inadequate equine feed bins and other common DIY feed bins, we decided to do something about it. After continually seeing horse feed being tipped and scooped out by the horses we realised we bigger, deeper and stronger paddock feed bins.

The only thing for us to do was to design our own!

Design Process

We spent a lot of time perfecting these equine feed bins first. Testing them out on our own horses before we were 100% happy with them. Even our naughtiest horses, who usually dig, scoop and tip their feed out were unable to do so. Additionally, we made sure they were suitable for our foals and young horses as they can sometimes find it difficult reaching into ground-level horse feed bins.

Equine Feed Bins that stand the test of time
Example of a regular paddock feeder on the current market

Watching our own horses interact with our design of the perfect equine feed bin showed us that we were on the right track. The ones who paw couldn’t flip the bin over, and the scoopers – you know the ones that scoop the horse feed out with their nose, couldn’t do it as the sides were too high. Happily, our foals and weanlings have no trouble reaching in and eating comfortably either.

Paddock Feeder Specs

Unlike others, our equine feed bins have a massive 52L capacity.  We’ve given them a wide base to make them harder to tip and they are made from long-lasting high molecular weight polyethylene. They are also made in Melbourne, something we know is important.

Of course we know horses are capable of anything and they will always find a way to make us say ‘WHY’?  But we think our horse feed bins are unlike anything else on the market today. They have been designed by horse people for maximum horse feeding frustration reduction!