Why Horserail is the best choice for arena fencing

  1. Long Lasting – Horserail has been used in Australia for nearly 30 years.
  2. Easy to Install – Horserail is designed for DIY installation, and has a range of easy to use tools and videos for installation. Duncan Equine also provides the best customer service and support.
  3. Little to no maintenance required once installed No painting ever!
  4. Looks amazing – Sleek design that gives you that post and rail look
  5. Comes with 30 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  6. Safe for both Horse and Rider – As the fence has some give in it
  7. Highly visible for both Horse and Rider
  8. No limitations – Can be used on all different sized arenas and round yards
  9. Used and recommended by Equestrian Centres and Pony Clubs across Australia



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