Horsecote is a non-electric, much safer alternative to plain wire as well as other sighter wires and tapes on the market.

High tensile wire has been coated in a thick layer of polyethylene plastic, meaning it will not bend, or wrap around legs and the plastic will not crack or degrade over time.  Find our more about Horsecoate

Bolt Through Corner Roller
Corner Roller - Timber Posts
Screw In Corner Roller
Screw-In Insulator
Hotcote Insulator (New)
Hotcote Insulator
Horsecote (Non-Electrified) Straight Attaching Buckle
Horsecote (Non-Electric) Straight Attaching Buckle
Horsecote (Non-Electrified) 45¡ Attaching Buckle
Horsecote (Non-Electric) 45° Attaching Buckle
Donut Tensioner
Donut Tensioner
Horsecote (Non-Electrified) Coated Sighter Wire
Horsecote (Non-Electrified) Coated Wire
Coated Wire Joiner
Coated Wire Joiner