Up to 30 years Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty


Made with patented Horserail technology with premium grade polyethylene with a UV stabiliser and a super strong steel core, it is the longest lasting fencing available in Australia with our first customers of twenty five years ago still enjoying their fencing investment.

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Horserail (Non-Electric) 200m Roll
Horserail Hottop (Electric) 200m Roll
Horserail Hottop Plus (Electric top & bottom) 200m Roll
Horserail (Non-Electric) Top 90° Corner Bracket
Horserail (Non-Electric) Straight Attaching Buckle
Horserail (Non-Electric) Side 90° Corner Bracket
Horserail (Non-Electric) Adjustable Top T Buckle
Horserail (Non-Electric) 45° Attaching Buckle
Horserail 2 Piece Tensioning Spooler