Up to 30 years Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty


Hottop is an electrifiable option to our popular Horserail product line when used in combination with an approved electric fence energizer. We strongly recommend the use of electricity for the safety of your horses and to protect your investment.  Find out more about Horserail

Horserail Hottop (Electric) 200m Roll
Horserail Hottop Plus (Electric top & bottom) 200m Roll
"Undergate Cable" - Double Insulated Electrical Wire
Hottop (Electric) Top 90¡ Corner Bracket
Hottop (Electric) Top 90° Corner Bracket
Hottop (Electric) Top Bracket
Hottop (Electric) Top Bracket
Horserail Joining Buckle
Joining Buckle
Hottop (Electric) Side Bracket
Hottop (Electric) Side Bracket
Hottop (Electric) Straight Attaching Buckle
Hottop (Electric) Adjustable Side T Buckle
Hottop (Electric) Side 90° Corner Bracket
Hottop (Electric) Adjustable Top T Buckle
Hottop (Electric) Double Adjustable Joining Buckle