Horsecote (Non-Electrified) Coated Wire

Horsecote (Non-Electrified) Coated Sighter Wire
Horsecote (Non-Electrified) Coated Sighter Wire

Competitive Price

Low Maintenance

Molecularly Bonded

Product Details

Combining visibility with 1,350 pound break strength. Horsecote has a patented process of  molecularly bonded polyethylene safety coating to galvinized wire to give you a low maintenance, cost effective and affordable safe alternative to plain wire to safely fence your horse.  It comes in a 400 metre roll.  Horsecote is approx 8mm in diameter.  Horsecote is NOT electric.

Installation hardware features a patented procedure for attaching, joining and tensioning the coated wire providing a clean, neat look while being safe for both horse and rider. There is no stripping, crimping or notching needed and the end result is a properly installed fence with no exposed wires.

Some form of electrical deterrent is recommended for the safety of horses, longevity of the fence, and especially as a training aide for your horses.

A. High Tensile Wire
B. Molecularly Bonded to the wire
C. Long-Life UV Stabilized Non-Conductive Medium Density Polyethylene


400m roll approx. 9mm in diameter


$350.00 (Incl. GST)



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