Horserail 2 Piece Tensioning Spooler

Safe and Secure

Works with any budget

DIY Install

Product Details

Horserail Spooler which is heavy duty steel hot dipped and powder coated spooler for tensioning rail. The Horserail Spooler is used for Hottop, Hottop Plus and Horserail.

Sold individually or in box of 20. The Horserail Spooler can be placed anywhere on the rail, at any time, by first holding it up to the rail and then sliding the removable section into the appropriate slot. Tighten and set locking pins.

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4.25" inches (110mm),
5.25" inches (133mm)

Electrified Options

Electric, Non-Electric


$19.99 (Incl. GST)


Horserail, Hottop

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