Stallion owners need to take extra special consideration when it comes to fencing stallions! Regular horse fencing often won’t be suitable for keeping stallions safe and sound within their own space. Here at Duncan Equine, not only are we experts on all types of horse fencing, but we also have firsthand experience with managing stallions, and the type of fencing that works best for them.

In our many years of experience, here are the most important factors to consider when you’re selecting and installing fencing for stallions to ensure they stay safely confined to their own paddock:

Safety and security

Due to their increased levels of testosterone, stallions can often be physically stronger and more motivated to make their way out of their paddock, which can easily lead to injury. One of the last things any horse owner wants is a stallion roaming the property and wreaking havoc! Therefore, safety and security are vital aspects of fencing in stallion paddocks. Our aptly named “Stallion Rail” is the safest and longest-lasting flexible rail fencing for horses on the market, backed by our premium 15-year warranty. Stallion Rail has enhanced performance compared to other fencing options, with the most advanced technology bonding the premium-grade UV stabilised polyethylene to high tensile wire. The result is flexible, safe fencing, with no dangerous exposed wires, that can still be electrified.

Did you know? In some areas of Australia, it is required by law that you have double fencing around your property perimeter if you house stallions. We recommend checking with your local council, for any regulations they have in place for stallion fencing in your specific area.

Height and visibility

Stallions are often known for their impressive strength and athleticism, usually only the best horses are kept as stallions, so it is essential to have tall enough fencing to prevent them from jumping out of their paddock. The industry standard for horse fencing in Australia is usually 1.5 metres, however, for stallion paddocks, we would recommend you make them slightly taller. We offer our popular PVC fencing posts in two heights – 2.1 metres, or a taller 2.4 metres – So the taller option would offer extra security when building paddocks specifically for stallions. Our customers also have the option of choosing how many rails of flexible rail they’d like their fencing to include, ranging from one top rail with wire underneath, two rails, three rails, or even four. Many of our clients housing valuable stallions choose four rails of Stallion Rail for extra height, visibility, and security.

Electric fencing

Unlike most mares or geldings, stallions can have a tendency to “climb fences” – So installing fencing that has the option to be electrified is a safer option for stallion paddocks. Many horse owners don’t like including regular plain wire fencing in their horse’s paddocks, as it can be very harmful or potentially life-threatening to horses that become tangled, strike or kick out, or roll into a wire fence. Our electrifiable Stallion Rail options – “Stallion Rail Ultra” and “Stallion Rail Extreme” offer fully encapsulated wire, bonded into a highly visible, flexible rail – That can still be electrified to keep stallions off. It can also be far more visually appealing to wire, giving the look of a more traditional “post and rail” fence.

Paddock placement

Carefully considering the placement of your stallion paddocks on your property can make a big difference. Consider implementing adequate separation between mares’ and stallions’ paddocks to prevent accidental contact and potential issues. Additionally, providing solid or visual barriers, such as hedges can help minimise distractions. Our thorough customer service process involves carefully looking at your property using specialised satellite technology. Right from the start, we can get the best understanding of your property, assisting you to make the right choice for your property and special requirements for stallions.

Planning and installing appropriate, safe fencing for stallions is extremely important. By prioritising safety, security, visibility, and durability, you can create a secure environment that minimises the risk of injury or escape.

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