What is the difference between Stallion Rail and other flexible rail products?

When you observe the product from a molecular level that the differences are stark.

The advanced technology utilised to manufacture Stallion Rail means that the conductivity and the bonding of the materials together are far superior to any other equine fencing product available in the world.

How long does the product last?

The advanced technology implemented during the manufacturing process enhances the structural integrity of Stallion Rail. This process provides a longer lasting and exceptionally reliable product guaranteed to withstand the elements for 15 years.

For further information on our warranty and product guarantee’s can be found here.

How do I know what product I need?

Our highly trained team of sales representatives can take you through the product range and assist you to identify the right product for your requirements. The product range includes both electric and non-electric components. It can also appeal to your aesthetic requirements which product you feel suits your needs.

Our customer service process also involves looking at your property using specialised satellite technology. Right from the start we can get the best understanding of your property from a remote location, assisting you to make the right choice for your property and requirements.

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What post spacings do you recommend?

The optimum distance for post spacing is 4 metres. Further than 5 metres, the weight of the horse rail is too heavy which can cause it to flap in wind, causing disruption and issues with the longevity of fittings. Less than three metres is an extra cost that is not required.

This measurement also reduces the number and associated expense of posts and required fittings and attachments.

Can I build this myself?

Yes! Our thorough video installation guide shows how the fittings and attachments work. In most cases you may require a fencing contractor to drive or set your posts. Our team is also available via phone and Facetime for those last-minute questions.

Do I need to use a fencing contractor?

Trusted contractors have equipment, tools and experience that can shorten the installation timeframe and assist you with producing a highly finished result.

If you have little rural experience or equipment, you will require a contractor to drive and set posts for the installation. You can then discuss your choice of rail with your contractor and decide whether to finish the installation yourself or receive assistance from them.

Visit our Trusted Contractors page to find one near you.

Where can I purchase Stallion Rail?

Stallion Rail is distributed worldwide by the Duncan Equine Group. We have customer service teams and warehouses located in Western Australia and Victoria, Australia and Auckland New Zealand. Click here to contact a member of our team.