Our top tips for saving money when it comes to fencing on your horse property

Here at Duncan Equine, our entire team are experienced professionals when it comes to fencing projects and products. What we’re also just as experienced with, is owning horses! Every single Duncan Equine team member has been a horse breeder, rider, or owner for most of their life, so we understand that owning and caring for horses can be expensive!

This is why we’re sharing with you, our top tips for saving money on fencing projects:

1. Take advantage of our complimentary paddock and farm design service.

With over 30 years of experience in designing horse properties of all types across Australia and New Zealand, we can offer you a comprehensive plan and quote to help save you time and money. Help from professionals at the beginning of your project will ensure a much smoother process along the way and make sure you end up with a functional design that also looks great. There’s nothing worse than realising down the track, you should have put a gateway in a different spot, or made your laneway wider, only to have to then pay for changes. Let us help you get it right the first time.

2. Get a quote from us at the beginning of your horse fencing project.

Tying in with our farm or paddock design service, we can also give you a free quote on everything you’ll need for your new fencing. We do this every day, so we can make sure you order the exact amount of railing, posts, gates, or accessories you need. Our accurate quote will help to ensure you don’t order too much, don’t miss anything important that you need, or order the wrong type of material, resulting in wasted time and money for you. Click here for an obligation free quote.


3. Try to plan your fencing projects for when the ground is softer.

Whilst fencing definitely can be completed all year round, the best time for fencing (if you want to save some money) is when you’ve had enough rain to soften the ground. When you’re paying fencing contractors, time is money, so softer ground will make posts easier and quicker to drive into the ground. Rock-hard ground will mean fewer meters of your new horse fencing will go up each day.

4. Invest in the best materials, as they will actually save you money in the long run!

We have so much confidence in our tried and tested products, we offer a 30-year warranty on our Stallion Rail and a 15-year warranty on our Stallion Rail Ultra, Stallion Rail Extreme and Shock Coat products. Whilst some cheap plastic or PVC railing may seem initially tempting from a pricing perspective, they’re usually prone to either cracking or sagging, depending on the density of the polymer used. Stallion Rail is specifically created with a medium-density polymer, which means it will last for years and years, whilst still being safe. It will outlast other fencing products in Australian conditions and will be soft enough to absorb impact without cracking or splintering. The initial cost will save you money in the long run, that you’d otherwise end up spending on maintenance or repairs.

Stallion Rail Ultra the safest electric fencing for horses

5. Pick a fencing style that requires little maintenance

As we mentioned before, our Stallion Rail products have an incredible warranty. Unlike wood, which can easily rot, crack or break, our Stallion Rail products and PVC coated posts will last and last. They also don’t need to be continually painted and won’t fade from harsh Australian weather conditions. Painting the fences around an entire horse property with black or white paint can be a never-ending (and very costly) job! If you’re paying someone to paint your fencing, then two coats of paint and labour basically covers the cost of your Stallion Rail!

6. Invest in the safest fencing you can and save money on vet bills or injured horses!

Cheaper fencing styles such as wire, PVC fencing that can splinter, or deteriorated sagging fencing, all often lead to injured horses (or even worse). Whether it be from a horse becoming tangled in a wire fence, being injured from impact or sharp, broken edges, or horses biting or kicking one another through fencing, paddock injuries can be common. As horse people, we know not only how stressful and upsetting horse injuries can be, but also about the vet bills and aftercare that goes with them! Protecting your valuable horses with safe and durable fencing products, specifically designed for horses, will greatly reduce the risk of injury in the paddock.

Horses playing near plastic fencing rail

7. Put in fencing that will increase the value of your property.

Quality fencing, that is not only safe and functional but also looks great will add value to your horse property!

If you have any questions about anything you’ve read in our guide, be sure to reach out to our team – We’ll be happy to help you! You can find our free quote here.