With the cost of living increasing across all aspects of life, it may seem like your fencing dreams are moving further away than you’d like to imagine.

Here at Duncan Equine Group, we’ve managed to keep the same pricing across most of our products, in fact we haven’t had a significant price increase for the past 10 years. Yes, some items have had increases, but what hasn’t these days?!

Does this affect the quality of the product you may ask? No, in fact thanks to new technology, we’ve made improvements to our products including superior molecular bonding levels and enhanced conductivity of the rail. Not only does this mean Stallion Rail has superior electric qualities, this makes it the safest and most durable flexible rail on the market today. We’ve even had stringent testing at Austest Labs proving it’s the best available! Please see link for more info: https://duncanequine.com.au/stallion-rail-horse-fencing/

There is currently still a huge demand by horse owners for superior quality, safe fencing. With shipping delays still sometimes out of our control, we are still sometimes seeing short delays in supply, however, nothing like what we have heard other businesses are having to deal with. We try to keep you regularly updated on the arrival of your order and never demand payment in full with no supply date.

To keep up with the large demand for Stallion Rail and Shockcoat, we are currently in the process of establishing a second production line. This will hopefully ease our supply delays greatly and help keep our wonderful clients able to finish their fencing projects quickly.

Here at Duncan Equine, we want you to make your fencing dreams become a reality and that’s why we’re doing everything possible to keep our prices down.

Get in touch today, so we can make your dream come true!

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