With timber posts in short supply across Australia and New Zealand and ever-increasing prices, why not make the change to plastic posts today! This will not only save you time on waiting for the product, but it also gives you piece of mind knowing they’ll last longer & not be at risk of rotting, termites or even being chewed – which can lead to health concerns in your horse, as treated pine posts can leach toxins. It’s because of this that more and more racing studs are avoiding timber as these toxins can show up in post-race swabs.

Below we explain more about the two different types of plastic posts we now offer.

Duncan Equine PVC Fence Post

We have put years of development and trials into these posts.  They are made from a high-grade virgin ASA/ PVC coextrusion material. The ASA material is the best outdoor plastic for UV resistance.

They are designed to be rammable, and to have an amount of flexion to absorb the impact of a horse hitting the fence. They are very quick and easy to install and can be rammed in in under a minute when the ground is soft.

Each post comes with an internal post cap, which allows the brackets to be attached. These posts are our premium, top of the line plastic posts. They are not cheap but the quality and longevity of them makes them worth every cent. They come in 2.1m and 2.4m lengths and are available in both black and white.

Redbuck Fence Posts

We recently started supplying Redbuck Posts. We have been working with Redbuck to make a stronger post that we can exclusively offer. If you’re looking for a recycled post, then the Redbuck posts may be a good option for you. These posts are 100% Aussie made with 100% recycled plastic. These also can be rammed in, but when the ground is a little harder, we suggest pilot holes to get your started. This can lead to increased installation time. Redbuck posts are a cheaper option than our PVC posts, however recycled plastic is never as strong as virgin plastic so this may come into consideration when purchasing. The Redbuck posts also come in 2.1m and 2.4m lengths and again are available in both black and white however are a custom order.

We supply our DEG post caps with the Redbuck posts.

Not all plastic posts are the same.

Our posts can be rammed or drilled into the ground. They can also be drilled through for wires without altering the integrity of the posts. They don’t have untreated pine inside, which can lead to problems down the track. Our plastic posts are 120mm in diameter, making them 30% larger than other plastic posts on the market. This gives them greater impact strength.

We have tried and tested a huge range of posts over the past 30 years, and we’ve found our DEG PVC plastic posts to be by far the most superior of them all. With us physically using our entire product range on a daily basis it gives us the chance to perfect every aspect possible, making them more user friendly, increased longevity and safer for you and your horses.