There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning or coming home at the end of the day to find your precious show horse or pony has had an accident in your fencing.

From our own long past experiences, we know just how damaging and tragic wire, timber and (dare we say) star picket fencing can be.  Nasty leg wounds can be career ending for the show horse and pony, which is why so many show horse owners are now looking at Stallion Rail to protect their valuable stock.  Leg and body wounds can take months of expensive veterinary treatment to heal.  In the long run it can be cheaper to invest in Stallion Rail.

Protecting what matters most

Again and again Stallion Rail is proving to save horses careers as well as their lives. Made from long lasting UV Stable polyethylene plastic which has been proven to last over 30 years.

You see, Stallion Rail with its 110mm width is near on impossible to wrap around legs or cause more than some hair loss if your horse does happen to run or roll into it.  The width also has strong visual benefit, being perceived to be a more solid barrier for horses and ponies.

Ensure your fences are the correct height

We recommend horse fencing be ideally 1.5m high. For ponies this can be reduced to 1.2m high. For extra safety, horse fencing should always be electric, to stop them leaning through. We all know how cheeky ponies can be and of course there is always that one little escape artist!  Our ponies are safely kept in 4 rails of Stallion Rail as their paddocks are also used for Thoroughbreds, you could easily use 3 rails if reducing the height.

Of course, there are many different configuration options to suit your budget, especially if you also choose Shockcoat our electric coated wire. This is also a much safer option than plain wire, timber or mesh.

Visually appealing

Stallion Rail not only provides safety for your horses and ponies, it also looks fantastic on your property. The visual appeal for many horse owners is also a bonus, along with less repairs and minimal maintenance, meaning more time for riding and horse shows!

There is no questioning Stallion Rail’s ever growing popularity with all horse owners and our team at Duncan Equine Group are all experienced horse people.

We own, ride, compete, train, live, breath and love horses. We have almost 30years experience and knowledge to help you in all aspects of building fencing suitable for your show horses and ponies. Our honesty and integrity in the industry is why we are the leaders in Equine Fencing.

Contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable and horse loving team for help.