Ben has over 30 years of hands-on horse experience with Thoroughbreds and racing and was born into a family with strong Thoroughbred ties.

For over 10 years now he has been successfully breeding and racing his own Thoroughbreds along with his wife, Jo. With this hands-on experience, constant interaction with horses and horse safety front of mind.

Ben knows only too well how vital a safe fence is. Ben’s father lost four horses to nasty fence injuries when Ben was in his early 20’s and since then Ben has been on a mission to make fences safer for Australian horses.

He travelled to America to research safer alternative options for horse fencing and discovered Horserail. After trialing Horserail at his father’s farm he knew he has to share this great product with the rest of Australia. Fast-forward 25 years, a wife, three children and a name change later, Duncan Equine Group are the principal Horserail providers for Australia.